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Kitchen Corner Solutions

Kitchen Corner Solutions


Factory fitted kitchen corner solutions have gained a firm place in the kitchen planner’s toolbox. Carousel systems are ideal for storing pots, pans and mixers. But now there are some attractive new systems that have been developed by Kesseböhmer as alternatives to the classic storage carousel. LeMans trays swing smoothly and almost effortlessly out of the corner cupboard. You get a clear view and ready access to every stored item, scoring top marks for efficiency and convenience.

Up or down, LeMans is impressively flexible – users can select tray heights to suit the contents and cut out wasted space. LeMans makes perfect use of the corner space, giving you optimal access all the time! The opening angle avoids collisions with handles on adjacent cupboards, making it easier to plan the kitchen layout and ensures user-friendliness in daily use. Even when space is tight, there’s no risk of damaging expensive front panels.

Plenty of room for heavy items. Each individual shelf can easily carry up to 25kg. It’s practically impossible to overload a LeMans. With an overall capacity of 50kg and maximum convenience, LeMans could indeed be described as the perfect corner solution.

More Kitchen Corner Solutions

Magic Corner

It’s a kind of magic.

Although this has less to do with magic than it does with intelligent design and technical know-how! MagicCorner is capable of housing two complete storage units next to each other in one corner cabinet.

Opening the cabinet door brings the front section of the fitting out in front of the cabinet, while the back section moves forward for optimal and ergonomic access.

A precisely defined sequence of movements.

With one movement, the intelligent technology draws the front and the back sections simultaneously into full view, ensuring easy access to all the contents. Typically Kesseböhmer, the movement sequence is smooth, silent and fluid. Closing is just as effortless – a slight nudge is enough then SoftStopp does the rest, quietly and gently.

Carousel 270

Popular and practical – Carousel 270

Revolving fittings for corners – in ARENA look. The combination of a decorative wooden base and an attractive edging and railing gives a new look even to this classic corner cabinet solution. The round trays can be turned separately to bring any item into easy reach. The carousel is the ideal fitting for storing pots, pans and bowls. The height of the shelves can be changed at any time as the contents change.

Carousel 270 benefits

  • Stepless tray height changes
  • Optional 3rd tray
  • Height-adjustable axle

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