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Blum Hinges – More than just a hinge.

Blum Hinges

There are many reasons to choose Blum Hinges...

High quality, durability, easy assembly, a variety of practical solutions and an attractive design. The name Blum stands for innovation and quality. The company was founded by Julius Blum on 1 March 1952 and his first product was a horseshoe stud. Today Blum are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings.

CLIP top BLUMOTION from Blum combines innovative technology, award-winning design and top quality motion within the smallest space, because soft-close BLUMOTION has been seamlessly integrated into the boss.

No matter whether you sell, incorporate, install or use Blum fittings on a daily basis – you have your own definition of quality. Blum quality is tailored to your and your customers’ need. Creative design ideas need a functional fittings solution, that’s why iPlan Kitchens use Blum components exclusively on all our cabinets.

Blum delivers with a wide range of products and a well thought out approach so you can create furniture designs that give you an edge over others. Known for high quality, sleek designs, durability and perfectly smooth motion, it’s also nice to know that Blum has such confidence in their products, they offer you the customer a Lifetime Guarantee. 



Blum Lift Image

AVENTOS lift systems provide ease of use in the wall cabinet. Even wide lift systems open easily, remain in any desired position and thanks to BLUMOTION, close silently and effortlessly. 

What makes AVENTOS especially practical is that it gives users easy access to contents and full freedom of movement, keeping fronts well out of their way.  Wall cabinets can be left open without hampering kitchen use.

AVENTOS combines easy opening with integrated BLUMOTION, making opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience. To implement handle-less wall cabinets, simply equip the lift system with a motion technology like SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON.

AVENTOS HS is for up and over lift systems. Large fronts swing up and over the cabinet giving you easy access to interiors. Designs with cornice or crown mouldings can be implemented with ease too. Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front and it will stay exactly where you want it to (thanks to the variable stop). And it will always be within easy reach for closing.


AVENTOS HF is for high wall cabinets with bi-fold fronts. The AVENTOS HF bi-fold lift is the ideal solution for high and mid wall units. Even large fronts fold up and out of the way, giving users great freedom of movement. So much so that wall cabinets can be left open during cooking.

Suitable for cabinet heights of 480 to 1040 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm. A compact range of 3 lift mechanism types and 4 telescopic arms are sufficient to cover all applications. The lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets have been designed for symmetrical use. AVENTOS HF can also be used for mitred and rebated applications. Minor adjustments need only be made to the position of standard fittings.

Assembly is virtually tool free with tried and tested CLIP technology. And adjustments are quick and simple too. Once the lift mechanism has been precisely adjusted to the weight and size of the front, the bi-fold lift will open, close and hold with reliable ease. Protruding parts can be removed to facilitate transportation.

The design and function of Blum fittings have received international acclaim. Numerous awards testify to the top quality of their products and services. 

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