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It’s been said “If you fail to plan, your plan will fail”.  At iPlan Kitchens, we take the plan and design stage of every kitchen project very seriously, regardless of the size, shape, style or budget. Your plan is the blueprint of what’s to come. Our goals are not set in ‘How Much, How Quick?’ – rather ‘For Why and For How Long? A bespoke kitchen is like tailoring a made-to-measure suit, it must fit well in all the right places. Is it for everyday work, or to define your personality – is the colour right, the sheen, the texture, and what about the materials? Everything has got to be just right, otherwise you won’t feel comfortable in it.

We believe the iPlan Kitchen Design Process is key to helping all our customers get the most out of their kitchen project. Built on decades of kitchen design experience and industry knowledge, we can help piece together the right solutions to meet all your needs, bringing your new kitchen to life, and closer to home. That’s what we do. That’s why iPlan Kitchens.

Through a collaborative process of design and review, we will work closely with you every step of the way, designing and building a kitchen all about you, your lifestyle, your budget, and your needs. When you have approved and signed off the final design, a detailed floor plan, elevation views, HD rendered photos and an itemised quotation based on your kitchen design will be emailed to you.

Contact a specialist iPlan Designer today, and let’s talk about your kitchen project. This is a good place to start. 

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How much does your pro-level design service cost?

The iPlan Kitchen Design Process is an end-to-end creative consultation for you to enjoy and participate. Your iPlan Designer will ‘Design’ your kitchen as if it were their own, with the care and attention-to-detail your project investment deserves. You’ll also receive a full brief and consultation, project management support, full HD kitchen photos and a set of detailed working plans, to include plumbing, gas and electrical guides. The thoroughness of our service and accuracy of our quotes, coupled with the convenience of a one-to-one, one-stop consultation makes this service a worthwhile investment.

CLICK HERE if you want to book an appointment online. Our kitchen plan and design service is FREE if you live in the West Midlands, are a previous customer, a referred customer or bona fide iPlan Trade Customer.

We can also offer non-customers our pro-level kitchen design service, and we have limited the design fee to just £240.00. This is fully refundable when you purchase your kitchen from iPlan Kitchens, and you become a cherished customer. Look at it as a small holding deposit towards the kitchen you want.

Unlike a ‘free kitchen design’ offered by multiple retail showrooms and trade suppliers, you will own the process, and we will be working exclusively for you, to create a kitchen design, just the way you want it. When we’re finished, you may, or may not buy your kitchen from us. However, you will own a full-set of professional floor plans, elevation views, stunning rendered HD photos and an itemised quotation based on your kitchen design. This information can be shared with prospective kitchen suppliers, helping you to get those like-for-like quotes. 

* Purchase your kitchen from iPlan Kitchens, and we will fully refund your design fee. 

What we will require from you.

We will need accurate measurements of the proposed kitchen area for us to design your new kitchen. 

A useful “How to Measure” guide can be found below, or CLICK HERE.

If you have architectural or kitchen design plans already drawn up, you can email them to

Home Visits and Site Surveys are available on request, or you can book online here – BOOK HOME VISIT / SURVEY

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