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iPlan Kitchens are bespoke, made-to-order and delivered to site fully assembled inside and out, ready to install in just 3 weeks. 

We will factory fit the doors, the wire-work, pull-outs and bins, saving you time and money on the installation. If you are fitting the kitchen, you’ll find iPlan Kitchens a breeze to install.

Whilst most national Trade Kitchen Suppliers concentrate on so-called discounts or attractive rebates, these business models always come at a cost; usually at the expense of the cabinet quality, and often, the end-users underwhelmed satisfaction… your customer. 

You will also meet clients who will aspire to more than mass-produced budget kitchens with flimsy white carcases, wibbly-wobbly back panels and cheap components. Savvy customers know that a well-designed, hand-built, bespoke Rigid Kitchen will not only look great and last longer, a space to enjoy and appreciate for many years, it will add noticeable value to the property.

Here’s the thing, a Colour Coordinated, bespoke Rigid Kitchen from iPlan Kitchens, Cost about the same as ‘Mass Produced Universal Cabinets’ offered by National Kitchen Retail Chains and Trade Suppliers alike.

As a business owner, you invest a lot of time, energy and money putting together quotes or submitting tenders for the build, only for the customer to decide that they want to buy their new kitchen/extension elsewhere, cutting you out completely. 

If you do get the extension job, or the new build, you’ll spend half your time worrying about the kitchen. Measuring, designing, choosing and ordering; appliances from here, worktops from there, and then making sure everything arrives when you want it…     

Become a Trade Partner with iPlan Kitchens Today, and let’s start offering your clients a professional level Kitchen Design Service, beautiful bespoke made-to-order kitchen furniture, high levels of customisation, outstanding service, and all at a Great Price... 

We’ll also keep you and your kitchen clients informed and updated during the whole process with our End User Customer Support.

iPlan Kitchens are bespoke, made-to-order and delivered to site fully assembled inside and out, ready to install in just 3 weeks. We will factory fit the doors, the wirework, pull-outs and bins, saving you time and money on the installation. If you are fitting the kitchen, you’ll find iPlan Kitchens a breeze to install.

Colour coordinated cabinets are one of the hallmarks of a quality
kitchen. Choose from 25 Stock Cabinet Colours at no extra cost, for the best possible match to your preferred door style and colour. With most stock door options, there’s no need to purchase expensive decorative end panels just to hide the cabinets, useful if you’re working on a tight budget.

Developers looking for an attractive, low maintenance, hard-wearing kitchen with budget in mind, Midland is available in 25 colours with matching bespoke, made-to-order cabinets and doors. Extremely keen on price, versatile and robust, the Midland range has been developed for high-traffic residential areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, home office, student accommodation and rental properties.

If you have already received a quote from a National Retail Chain or Trade Supplier, let us demonstrate our commitment to providing the best value for your money. A professionally designed, color-coordinated, bespoke, made-to-order kitchen might surprise you with its affordability and unmatched quality. Discover the possibilities without any financial commitment by requesting a price comparison.

Alternatively, take advantage of our Free Site Survey by inviting iPlan to visit your location, measure up, and design your kitchen. We will then provide you with accurate renders, detailed plans, and an itemised trade quote. When you decide yes, we’ll take care of the rest, and ensure your complete kitchen is delivered when you want it.

We also provide dedicated support to the fitting team, ours or yours, throughout the installation process, ensuring that your new kitchen is fitted to plan. That’s why iPlan Kitchens.

choose iPlan kitchens, your end-user customers will thank you for it!

And you will benefit too…

Become a Trade Partner with iPlan Kitchens today, and experience first-hand how working with iPlan will benefit you, your business and your customers… 

  1. Save £££’s trade discount on all kitchen furniture orders
  2. Earn £££’s commission for all successful referrals
  1. Save £££’s trade discount on all kitchen furniture orders
  2. Earn £££’s commission for all successful referrals
kitchen fitters

Let us demonstrate our commitment to providing the best value for your money.
Contact us today to find out how.

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