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Simply select the ‘Kitchen Range’ you like from the Complete Units Catalogue, then choose a unit type, your preferred cabinet configuration, door colour, carcass colour and options, then add to basket. The ‘add to basket’ button will only appear if all the relevant choices have been selected, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

The complete cabinet, including the appropriate doors/drawer fronts, pull-out storage units, hinges and fittings are automatically added to the e-shop cart, based on your selection. Matching accessories to include cornice, pelmets, plinths and end panels can be ordered from the range specific “Accessories and Doors” section. 

Colour coordinated cabinets are one of the hallmarks of a quality kitchen. You can choose from 25 Cabinet Colours at no extra cost, for the best possible match to your preferred door style and colour. With most stock door options, there’s no need to purchase expensive decorative end panels, just to hide the cabinets. Useful if you’re working on a tight budget.

Developers looking for an attractive, low maintenance, hard-wearing kitchen with budget in mind, Midland Complete is available in 25 stock colours with matching bespoke, made-to-order cabinets and doors. Extremely keen on price, versatile and robust, the ‘Midland’ has been developed for high-traffic residential areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, home office, student accommodation and rental properties. 

All our Rigid Kitchens are made-to-order and delivered to site fully assembled inside and out, ready to install in just 3 weeks. We will factory fit the doors, the wirework, pull-outs and bins, saving you time and money on the installation. If you are fitting the kitchen, you’ll find iPlan Kitchens a breeze to install.

With so much choice, it might be easier for you to send us a copy of your kitchen layout, with a list of your requirements so we can prepare an itemised quotation for you, all at our low internet prices. Our kitchen design team can then check your order for mistakes, and make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

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