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When you buy a new kitchen, it will need to be installed by experts, project managed, and fitted at a fair price. iPlan Kitchens specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of fitted kitchens, so you don’t have to worry; we’ll make sure everything is fitted to plan. At the bottom of the page you will find some of our project managed before and after installation photos…

Deciding to have a new kitchen fitted is very exciting, but at the same time the prospect of the installation and removal of your existing kitchen can be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much to think about, and so many choices to make. Hopefully, by the time you’ve read this, we’ll have answered some of your questions and you’ll be confident that our experienced installation team will have your best interest at heart.

Once your new kitchen has been ordered and if you’ve arranged for us to install it, we’ll contact you to book a suitable fitting date. The fitting date will usually be between 3 and 5 weeks from the order date, depending on the door range you have selected. We will then confirm who your fitter will be in advance and when your new kitchen will be delivered. Where possible we will arrange for the kitchen to be delivered on the first day of installation. You will need to make sure you have enough space to store the units until we are ready to fit them. Don’t forget your appliances and in some cases the worktops will also be delivered. The new kitchen furniture will need to be stored away from any damp, either inside or in a dry garage.

Prior to the fit date, the installer will contact you to arrange a pre-manufacture technical survey, to double check the measurements, inspect your existing plumbing and electrical wiring, and answer any installation questions you may have. 

Don’t forget, our units will arrive rigid and fully assembled, so it is advisable to plan ahead. In preparation for the delivery of your kitchen furniture, we’ll check the width of your entry doors to make sure any tall units and/or L shaped corner units will fit through the opening. If we think there might be a problem with access, we can request for some units to be delivered dry assembled to make it easier for you.

When the fitter starts, usually his first job will be to remove your old kitchen, so it will be worth while making sure the cupboards are empty before the fitter arrives. Once the old kitchen is dismantled, work can start on fitting your new kitchen. It is advisable to have a suitable size skip available to get rid of the old units, any rubbish and product packaging.

Fitting a kitchen is complicated and it may be necessary to temporarily disconnect some services such as gas, water and electricity. All plumbing, electrical and gas connections will be carried out by accredited technicians. Ideally you’ll have an accessible adjacent room so that you can make a drink or something to eat. We aim to fit your new kitchen within a week, although this is dependent on the size and complexity of the project. You’ll usually have a working kitchen at the end of the first week though, which will allow you to perform basic cooking tasks and use your sink in the usual way.

If you are having a solid surface worktop such as granite, quartz or acrylic, we will arrange for the worktop template when the base units have been installed. Solid surfaces are usually delivered and installed 1 week after the template. Again you will be notified of the worktop installation date in advance. 

Before and After installation photos...

do you offer a nationwide fitting service?

Although we deliver our made-to-order kitchen furniture to clients nationwide, at the moment we can only offer our project managed fitting and installation service to local customers in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands. However, we do have a national network of experienced and qualified kitchen fitters that we can recommend to you. Please contact us for further details.

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